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    Owner's Corporation

    More than 50 Owner's Corporation organisations in Sydney rely on Vision Window Cleaning to help keep their properties well-maintained..

    Vision Window Cleaning has a team of professionals who can scale tall buildings in a single bound, washing your high rise office windows quickly and efficiently. Enhance the views and keep your staff happy!

    high rise cleaning building


    We're fully insured!

    it can be a dangerous business getting to those little maintenance and repair jobs on the exterior of your building. So let us get out there for you.

    Sometimes we may even be able to take care of smaller jobs at the same time as a routine window clean. It’s all about getting the best result for you.

Some of the jobs we can do for you:

  • Repair leaks
  • Seal up chips and cracks
  • Waterproofing
  • Touch up paint
  • Repair flashing and window joinery
  • Clean guttering and roofing
  • And more..

Our Work


  • Exterior Windows
  • Interior Windows
  • Gutters/Downpipes Cleaned
  • Paths/Decks Cleaned

Talk to our team about

  • Water blasting
  • Steam cleaning
  • Concrete and tile cleaning
  • High rise building cleaning

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